My hero travel items #1

I’m not a massively seasoned traveller, but I have travelled long haul a fair few times over the past three years, and it’s tiring on your body, exhausting and draining on your mind and a killer on your skin.

I never wear make up besides a light covering of the below items, this is not to say I don’t travel without make up, but I don’t apply it until the last hour of my flight.

Here is my list of my must have travel items (all of which I use on the ground too!).

Miracle Product: Lucas’ PawPaw Ointment.

lucas' pawpaw

The perfect size for your hand luggage.

The Australian version of 8 hour cream, outshines its high end rival. I picked this up in the airport when I was trying to spend a bunch of leftover money, and I wish I had stocked up. Eradicates all the horrendous skin ailments you might enounter whilst flying (it zapped my flying spots within HOURS).

Buy: here.

Inflight moisturiser: FEEL GOOD FACTOR – Soap and Glory Translucent BB Cream.


The BEST translucent BB cream out there.

The BEST translucent BB cream out there.

This is my go to skin pick-me-up while I am on a plane. I apply a light layer to my entire face and neck every three hours, to make sure my skin does not dry out. As well as a moisturiser, the beauty of a BB cream means that when you’re ready to apply your make up, it’s already done half the priming job for you.

It’s not the best primer out there, but I love how soft it makes my skin feel, and erases all those obvious lines. Don’t travel without it!

Buy: here.

Those are my two main staples, follow up posts to come with more items. What are your travel must haves? Let me know in the comments below!

8 responses to “My hero travel items #1

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  2. I studied in Australia in high school and I miss Paw Paw cream so much!! When I travel, I wear a tinted moisturizer and then freshen up during and after a fight with Mac Fix+ Spray. It’s really hydrating and refreshing, which is a nice change of pace from that dry cabin air!


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