Blogging A-Z – G is for Gaming

I love card and tabletop games, it’s not just escapism for me, but a huge hobby and a big part of what I love to do in my spare time. Part of my move to Australia involves having a regular board game night with the fella, and I’m so excited for that!

What have I been playing recently?!

Adventure Time presents Card Wars by Addicting Games RRP £18.99.

card wars

I do not play such games with Jake*.

Addicting Games have brought the iOs/Android game to tabletops everywhere, and honestly, it’s pretty great. I’m normally quite dubious about crossovers from tv to table, mostly because often quality is comprimised just to make a few quick bucks for brand licensing. However, Card Wars might be one of the exceptions to this, not too complex, and full of belly laughs too, it’s great for those who are overly competitive and love a bit of a shout during game time (i.e me).

The Finn vs Jake is a perfect starter set, and the Lady Rainicorn Vs BMO set is for more advanced card and tabletop players. I have been lucky enough to have played with both.

Each game lasts around 30-60 mins and the set comes 2 player as standard, so you don’t have to worry too much about making sure all your friends buy their own set. It’s also a great game for younger ones, as it involves maths and strategy skills too.

The only negative I found, as with all of these games, some cards can be misunderstood at first, and there are a few useless cards that will only really get a giggle out of Adventure Time fans (thankfully I am!).

It’s not widely available in the UK yet, but I was able to pick up the Finn Vs Jake set in Australia! I give it a big thumbs up, it is so much fun, and a great introduction to the world of tabletop gaming, or those who have an interest in MTC but are a little scared to take the full plunge.

Pre order it here:

Picture courtesy of Cartoon Network. Quote courtesy of BMO.


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