Blogging A-Z – L is for London


London is my current home, I live in the North, and in my three years here, I have not felt so much at home in a place as I do here.

For some it seems daunting, especially outsiders, for me, it’s home. I like to walk in dozens of parks we have here, I like pretending to be a tourist today, I still get lost in the city (sometimes on purpose), it’s just a beautiful beautiful place to be.

It’s not for everyone, mostly people think it’s oxford circus and the science museum, but London is so much more than that.

My advice for visitors:

Take side streets.

Have a nosy around some alleyways.

Have a nosy around some alleyways.

Central is dead busy. Whilst it’s not on a grid system, it’s not too far off! You never know what you will discover.

Avoid Regent Street.


Topshop aside, there’s little Regent Street can offer that most cities (or websites can’t), if you’re still up for the shopping challenge. I recommend doing it in one morning, as soon as the stores open. If you’re hitting 11am onwards territory, it gets a bit manic. There’s also a great great Hawaiian restaurant behind RS that you must try. Perfect burgers. Check it here

 The great food craze.


That burger is probably not worth queueing for, but that one definitely is. Keep an eye on Time Out before you arrive so you know which is the ‘hottest joint in town’. A lot of the newer pop ups don’t take bookings, so be prepared to queue.


beer and ale

Find an old man’s pub, and sample some real ale. It’s a traditional English staple. I’m a huge fan of microbrews and there’s loads of them in and around the city.

Did you get lost?

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions We’re not as icy as we seem on Twitter.

Travel woes.

Get an oyster card, even if you’re only here for 2 days (trust me on this one). You will save so much money.

Ignore the shard.

Image Courtesy of Earth Photography: Click through to view.

Image Courtesy of Earth Photography: Click through to view.

Walk to the top of the hill in Alexandra Park, then do the same in Greenwich Park too. Best views in the city.

Does anyone have any tips they’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below! Happy journeying!

If you have any questions about visiting London send me an email on claire[at}24hoursfromhome[dot]com

4 responses to “Blogging A-Z – L is for London

      • I was there for a week .. It sure is crazy but we had a good time ! My 3 year old was with us so ofcourse we avoided all the pubs .. But we did have fun .. The red bus and the tube .. London eye .. Trafalgar Square ..Piccadilly Circus .. And the food at Harrods !!! Yum 🙂


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