My hero travel items #2

Hands up if your eyes have ever suffered at the cost of a long haul flight?!

I swear my ankles swelled to the width of my knees when I arrived for my holidaying Australia last month. I had to live in skinny jeans and leggings for the first two days. In 30+ degree heat. Attractive (and sweaty), huh?

Step in Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack. It’s reasonably priced at around £12.50rrp, considering it will last beyond six months!


I personally don’t suffer from puffy eyes, but I do love how this tightens and softens the skin under mine. The added caffeinated ingredients also gives your morning skin a real perky boost! My dark circles seem to lessen too, is it possible to want to marry an eye cream?

This dream 'cream' looks like a cream but applies as a gel.

This dream ‘cream’ looks like a cream but applies as a gel.

Considering it’s not expensive at all, I’d urge you all to have a go (especially hayfever suferers or those who have a little trouble sleeping – or getting up in the morning!). It’s tiny enough that you can pop it in your hand luggage, just remember less is more with eye creams, don’t be tempted to smear some on your bloated ankles once you’re airbound!

A wonder product! Aside from the usual plane exercise that we’re all guilty of avoiding – I know it;s not just me, does anyone recommend any ankle de-sweller products?! Do they even exist?!

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