A-Z of Blogging – O is for Oklahoma


Oklahoma Hotel

Our vintage Motel – The Skyliner: Stroud, OK


We were pleasantly surprised to drive up to the Skyliner after a fair few traumatic days in Missouri, we wanted to stay somewhere quieter and off the beaten track as opposed to staying in Tulsa. (I love cities, don’t getme wrong, but when you live in one of the biggest in the world, you don’t want to spend all your vacation time in another one, especially since they’re all the same).

So, Stroud, OK is where I spent my 30th birthday last year. After checking in, the rooms were pretty average, despite the common vintage Route 66 signage. Still, there’s a massive TV, and a fridge and all that, so typical motel stuff.

Skyliner backs onto an incredible authentic mexican restaurant that served the biggest beer/marg combo I’ve ever had.

After a few beers in the local, we stumbled back to the hotel, ready to get back on the road again, and well rested.


Root Beer

Pops have some interesting root beer!

Pops in Arcadia, is a mixture of garage/rootbeer/soda mecca. There’s well over 100 kinds. You kind of have to fight through the tourists if you fancy eating there, so we just went for the take out soda option. Definitely worth a visit. If not just for a photo opp outside their mega soda bottle sculpture out front.


We took a stop in El Reno, mostly so we could visit Sid’s Diner and try one of their famous burgers.

Onion burger

The fried onion burger from Sid’s.

This is genuinely the greatest burger I’ve ever had. It’s no secret that burgers are my favourite food (and one of the reasons I feel like Melbourne is calling me – their burger culture is perfection). This is my all time favourite burger, with Rekyavik’s burger shack coming up a strong second.

Don’t take my word for it, check out Adam Richman’s opinion.

SO, what I’m getting at is, there is some beauty in OK, you just have to see past the big cities first. Have you ever been to Oklahoma, what did you think?

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