Qutting my day job, IKEA and other things…

So, in order to make myself more accessible to interviewing with Australian companies, this week I handed in my 30 days notice at my day job. To my relief they put me on garden leave (in UK speak, that means I don’t have to work my notice, but I will get paid for 30 days, hooray!).


Having fun in IKEA – that’s me on the left and my lovely roommate Becky on the right.

I’d been feeling pretty low the past few weeks, and initially put it down to post-holiday blues, but the jetlag wore off, and the days plodded on and I didn’t feel any better. Now, I feel great and much more able to tackle my huge to-do list.

In the mean time, I’m going to do some contract and temporary work to make rent/savings, but also so I can interview without having to put too much stress on a full time role. My worst nightmare would be to take a new job and let them down if I leave in 8 weeks time.

Stressful stuff aside, I drank a LOT of wine on Thursday night, ventured into IKEA with a blurry hangover, and hosted an intimate BBQ, followed by Cards Against Humanity. Basically, it’s been a pretty good holiday weekend. One of the most fun Easter weekends in years!

Hope you all had a great one!

N.B If any of you are looking for a  London based senior marketer (B2C or B2B) for some project or temp work, let me know! I’m mostly the best at managing teams of junior marketers, developing strategy and implementing campaigns from straight to finish. Hit me up on claire@24hoursfromhome.com 

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