Blogging A-Z – Q is for Queensland

Brisbane Town Hall, QLD

Brisbane Town Hall

I love Queensland, Australia (in case you thought I meant a different one…um?). QLD is where I spent the majority of my time in March, and it’s such a beautiful place.

We only spent one day in Brisbane (Brizzy), and I was lucky enough to be treated to some of the coolest microbreweries and punk bars, (I did get a lil’ tipsy), and ended with me almost falling asleep in a darkened room during the comedy festival. (Sorry Brisbane, sorry to the comedienne!). Amazing city, and it was so hot that day! I fell a little in love with the place, the entire place really reminded me of Logan Square in Chicago.

schooner and video games

Schooners and gaming tables in Brisbane.

My boyfriend’s family reside on the Gold Coast, which is a gorgeous part of Australia, and whilst GC is very much a car city, there is still much urban exploring you can get up to there.

australian beach scene

Burleigh Heads Beach

I spent some of my birthday in Burleigh Heads, it’s an idyllic area naturally populated by surfers, which my boyfriend tells me, is ‘a bit hipster’, nonetheless, it seemed that nothing is quite like this in the UK, and it’s such a dreamy part of QLD.

My fella also treated me to a birthday Nando’s (because he’s awesome), and if I’m being honest, I was really quite excited to be trying out a Nando’s on foreign shores. It did not disappoint! It was, and I hate to say it, much tastier than their UK counterparts. They even do Paella!

Nandos Australia

Oh, Nando’s Australia, you are GOOD.

Surfer's paradise entrance

Surfer’s Paradise

As part of my trip, my lovely beau also took me to the video game arcade in Surfer’s. Surfer’s reminds me of places like Blackpool or Morecambe Bay, slightly in another time zone, but still holding all the charm of a typical cute surfer town.

We did spend a few days just lazing around his house, playing board games and watching Netflix, but not because we aren’t adventurers (we are), but because we’re in a long distance relationship, and we really miss doing those small, simple things together. QLD is a such a small part of a wonderful country, and I can’t wait to see if it might be my potential new home.

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