Skype Interview Makeup – Cover Your Bases

If you have ever used skype, you will know, that without makeup, and the wrong kind of lighting, you pretty much look like Casper-the-friendly-job-hunter. Now with the prospect of more interviews cropping up over Skypespace, I have make sure I will be able to have a face looking half decent at a moments notice.

Remember, Skype doesn’t always throw in that rapport you can have face to face, so you have to make every single thing count. (i.e MAKE SURE YOU LOOK GOOD IF YOUR PERSONALITY DISAPPEARS INTO THE NERVOUS CLOUD OF NOTHINGNESS**)

Base – Primers

Here is what I actually use, in actual real life:

Benefit Porefessional

Benefit Porefessional RRP £25

Smashbox Photofinish Primer

Smashbox Photofinish Primer – RRP £25










I tend to use Smash Box for daytime normal stuff, and Benefit for the evening when I go to gigs or a dive bar as it’s a little heavier on my skin and lasts a bit longer.

WOAH THERE TIGER! Didn’t you already apply a BB cream?!

Oh mannnn, you caught me, you’re totally right! I just want to reduce a bit of shine on camera, and add a little to the lovely blurry effect primers give. If it helps, I tend to just pop it sparingly on my chin, nose and cheeks, rather than bathe my face in the stuff.

Beauty bloggers cowering everywhere at my faux-pas, I’m sure, but it’s super important that we look nice for our potential new bosses, AND you can remove the whole thing straight after your interview. No beauty police needed just yet.

Base – Foundation

rimmel stay matt mousse foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation RRP £5.99


*It also has fairly brilliant coverage, sits seemless atop your primer and won’t budge, unless you’re anything like me and you touch your face ONE MILLION TIMES PER DAY. (Still, even with my fidgety ways, I found I don’t have to top up my make up too much at all with this).

Assuming you won’t be touching your face over 100 times during your 60 min skype interview, this is a perfect foundation for on-camera. It’s not too heavy, but has that mousse foundation coverage that just sits quite nicely.

I’ve tried so many high end types, which usually end up in the bin unused after 6 months, but this one is so perfect! I’m a convert.

Bases – The Extras


Make up store mineral powder

Make Up Store Mineral Powder – RRP £20.


I’m kidding, obviously you’re gonna get the job, but just remember to set that awesome foundation with a little powder. It will help with the deshining of your lovely face.

I’ve found this one from the Make Up Store to be my top choice of the moment. I think the Make Up Store is my favourite brand that thinks it’s a goth, but isn’t. Lots of great stuff in there for pale ghost types like me, and a superb eye and lip range too.

In my next fascinating, skype interview ready make up article thing – contouring.

**A real place I’ll probably review at some point.

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