Holiday Wish List Wednesday…

I don’t want to get on the Black Milk bandwagon too much, but as I’m moving to Australia, it seems quite fitting.

I find a lot of their actual leggings to be a little bit overkill for my tastes (anything other than plain black is a bit too much for me!), that said, if you can carry off galaxy print, I’m very jealous of you.

I love their special ranges though (especially the Adventure Time stuff), and thankfully there is a home for me in their swimsuit range. You can go all that teenage years fashion crazy, and not look like a loon in the street.


All of my friends know I am a Star Wars nerd, if you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity with me, you’ll know the key to my heart as the card Tsar is playing a Star Wars card, no matter the question, and I was so stoked when Black Milk Clothing launched their Star Wars range.

Just look at this swimming costume. LOOK AT IT.

Black Milk Star Wars

Black Milk R2D2: $100

My inner geek is a bit bummed I don’t own this.

But it’s ok, I can just bleep and bloop to myself whilst wearing the same bobbly black swimsuit I bought two years ago for now. SAME THING.

Star Wars sad beep

nuff said.

Once I move (or pop on a sunny vacation), and the sun will be out every single day, it’s mine.

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