A-Z of Blogging – S is for Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Road american road sign

Scottsdale Road, in erm…Scottsdale.

A few of my American dwelling buddies have called me weird about my love affair with Scottsdale, but hear me out!

I’ve now been twice, it’s sort of a more upmarket ‘small city’ on the outskirts of Phoenix. It’s totally immersed in desert, so it’s warm. In fact, so warm, on my first visit, it was hitting 40c+ every day. But as most of you know, desert heat is dry heat, so it doesn’t feel suffocating like it would here in central London.

Hotel room mini bar

Best kind of sink to have in your casita!

Naturally I filled my sink with one of my favourite beers, Pacifico! it’s so delicious when it’s ice cold on a super hot day!

Hilton doubletree

More poolside shots!

Hilton Doubletree Scottsdale Arizona Hotel

The beautiful Doubletree resort.

The Hilton is a perfect base for exploring the surrounding areas. We ventured into Phoenix to watch some baseball, and the cab only took 20 mins, which was ace. If any of you have taken a trip to Bumble Bee, AZ, PLEASE tell me about it in the comments below!

Best street names ever!

BEST street names

I ate one of the biggest meals of my life here too. Whilst the food there was the usual burgers and fires fayre (I’m not even gonna link it), I advise that you avoid the usual American stuff, and hunt out some tasty Scottsdale favourites. I really love a Navajo taco!

One of the lovliest things about this place, is that it’s full of retired artists, so you’ll find a much larger offering of veggie food compared to most inner US states. Also expect a lot of this:

Brush bar in Scottsdale.

Get drunk AND do art. Genius.

How cute is that idea?!

2 responses to “A-Z of Blogging – S is for Scottsdale, Arizona

  1. Glad you like Phoenix and Scottsdale! It is an awesome city and definitely underrated. We have great street names – Dynamite and Cactus for example. Hope you come back and enjoy.


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