My favourite ThinkGeek travel gadgets.

Whether you’re embarking on a 2 week trip or just a simple weekend away, we all love our little travel gadgets. Here are some of my current faves from ThinkGeek.comeven though it’s US based, TG actually have really reasonable shipping rates to the UK and Europe, check the terms out here.

Best for gamer types.


This ticks all of my hand luggage boxes:

  • Four wheels.
  • Spacious.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Nintendo themed.
Game boy hand luggage.

Game Boy Hand Luggage $69.99

It’s your perfect companion for SDCC. Just remember to save a bit of room for your ever expanding Pop Figure collection. OR buy it, and pretend you’re a really tiny person.

Disclaimer: Not an actual Gameboy. 

Don’t be sad, it’s still a very cool suitcase.

Best for Lomo fans

I love the Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System.

It looks like this:

Olloclip camera phone lens

The Olloclip features three lenses and costs $69.99

It takes photos that look like this:

Macro Lens for your iphone

The Olloclip Macro Lens. Mind officially blown.

As well as the extreme close up lens, the Olloclip also features a wide angle AND a fisheye, so it’s perfect for those lomo fans who don’t want to juggle all their cameras with them, but also don’t want to compromise on the lomo ‘quality’ by compensating with the standard built in filters you get with your iPhone.

Just think of the selfies you could take with those lenses. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES.

Best for coffee fiends

How about the cutest travel mug for those days when you have a little bit of an early train/car journey, when you mostly want to sip on a hot drink and stare out of the window. I like taking mine on the tube to my day job in the mornings, (that totally counts as a journey).

Also, people look at me like I’m either a) a crazy for drinking from a lens b) a super important crazy photographer cradling a lens like a baby. Win win.

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