A-Z of Blogging – T is for ‘The Fear’

Map of Australia.

Take the plunge. Life is too short.


I think we’ve all made those decisions where we feel like we’re being real brave, or taking a leap, and whilst it’s daunting, we’re usually a little better off after we’ve made the decision.

I’ve done small things, which are probably massive to others, moving to London by myself, quitting my job, travelling to the US on my lonesome, falling in love, proper love and embarking on a 10K mile long distance relationship then deciding to take the plunge and move to Australia.

I sometimes see some of those people I went to school with, living their lives with their kids, and failed marriages, and I assume they’re happy and content, and they probably are, and that’s awesome, but it’s definitely not what equals happiness to me.

In my last job (not in London), some colleagues thought that I was a failure because I don’t own a house, or drive a car or have a husband at 30. I’ve seen the world, and have amazing friends, and live in one of the world’s most amazing cities. I was 10 miles outside of London. 10 miles decides if you’re a failure or a success.

What makes a successful person? I think that has to be down to personal choice, it HAS to be. For a bunch of kids living with their parents, their parents making them believe that a mortgage should be their priority, and for their parents to just ‘buy them a house’. Lucky them, I say.

I often wondered if most of them are afraid to make the same decisions I did, I think, if they were me, or our situations were reversed, where would I be?

Ignore the fight part of your fight/flight of your instincts. If you have to rent for another 12 months because you chose to travel through Thailand, then so be it, think of the stories and memories you will have.

My next journey won’t be easy, but I have a support network of AMAZING friends and my awesome family, who are so lovely and helping me through this next stage in my life. I couldn’t do it without them.

2 responses to “A-Z of Blogging – T is for ‘The Fear’

  1. Thank you for this post. It made me feel better reading your words, especially the part about your old school friends living the “normal” life. I have a similar story, but maybe at a different stage, and I felt many times the same way. I also had the feeling of being silently judged for still not having my life figured out and moving constantly from one place to another. That’s why I wanted to wish you all the best on your new journey and I look forward to reading about it on your blog 🙂



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