A-Z of Blogging – U is for Underground Haven.

Coober Pedy, living room.


There’s not many places in the world which make you think, ‘wow, that’s weird, but cool, but still weird’. For some, the plot of Stefanie Meyer’s The Host is a reality – the underground town bit, not the alien bit, obvs.

Fancy a bit of sci-fi on you next holiday? A few towns exist in this world which are UNDER THE ACTUAL GROUND. Here’s my lowdown on some of my faves…

Coober Pedy, South Australia

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, SA

A bunch of people live in underground residences here, called Dugouts. Mostly miners, Coober also has a thriving tourism industry, and you’re even able to stay in their underground hotels for as little as £19 per night!

I’d recommend the aptly named ‘Underground Motel’ – it’ll do the trick, as you can’t expect 5 star opulance when you’re basically staying in a cave!

If you’re on a drive to Ayres Rock or wanting to do something a little different on a vacation to SA, then I highly recommend checking it out!

The Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ, USA

grand canyon caverns.

In an ACTUAL cave.

Mostly a tourism gimmick, and generally when driving near the canyon, you’ll probably find some of the signs more than a little creepy, but the Grand Canyon Caverns are definitely one to explore if you want to get a little away from the fake cowboy towns, but still have some of the home comforts of a tourist track and a little quirk then the caverns are probably for you.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden

If you’re reading this from the UK, and fancy something a little closer to home, you can also stay in a cave in Sweden. Sala Silvermine is 400 years old, and now there’s only one room to rent, so make sure you book in advance. This is the DEEPEST hotel room in the world. 155 metres deep. Pretty deep. It doesn’t come cheap, around £400 per night. So make sure your travel buddy doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia.

Have you stayed in a quirky part of the world? Let me know via email, claire@24hoursfromhome.com and I’ll try to include it in a future post!

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