A-Z of Blogging – V is for Visas

Not the kind that comes as a little plastic card, but the thing that allows you to either travel to a country on a vacation or either move there entirely.

map of europe

Which is the right Visa for you?

Have you booked a holiday to the US this year? Did you know you need an ESTA in order to be allowed access?!

Your Visa is even more important than remembering to buy insurance, so do your research depending on which country you’re from!

(It’s also important to remember that your holiday visas are only temporary, and do not allow you to live in a country permanently). For example the temporary holiday Visa for UK residents heading out to Australia, will allow you to visit for 3 months, but will not allow you to work. This Visa needs to be renewed every 12 months if you intend to travel to that part of the world more often.

Check out more details here: http://www.immi.gov.au/Pages/Welcome.aspx – The Australian Immigration website is insanely useful and will be able to help you tailor the correct visa for your travels.

Travelling to Asia, and unsure of what you need, GOOGLE everything, and good luck on your next adventure!



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