Skype Interview Makeup – Contouring Contouring Contouring


It’s a tricky art, that contouring stuff. Pic courtesy of

So we’ve already covered how to create a perfect base, here.

Now, before I get into what I use, I should point out that there are so many amazing videos about this on youtube, that I suggest you take a look. Do remember this is not an everyday look, and I try and tone it down for the daytime, AND most importantly for Skype interviews. I go all out for a night out, but we need to remember that more is less. 😉

The main points you need to remember:

Check where NATURAL light hits your face. This is very important, your lovely boudoir lighting might make your face look insane, but outside you could look terrifying. So remember to check different light sources first.

If you want a more natural look, you don’t need to plaster your face in highlighter. I tend to build mine on with blusher, then a bronzer, then blend it all together. I usually add highlighter at the very very end – this is a personal preference!


So this is where I am slightly biased. I’m not even sorry.

Well I am a little bit sorry. It’s basically a fairly easy process for me.

Hoola is one of the best quality MATT bronzers out there. I’m not against a bit of SHIMMY, but let’s face it summer won’t last forever, and I’m a bit old for sparkle. I love how Hoola isn’t very deep, but still blends to give you enviable cheekbones.

I use Hervana ALL THE TIME. It’s another fairly subtle product but once swept on you can build up the coverage before blending, it gives off a real english rose look, and I swear by it.

BUT look, a non benefit product!

Arbonne’s Highlighter adds the most beautiful subtle glow, one that doesn’t need to be caked on but will look wonderful on top of your make up, and really impress in those interviews. This is something I use most days, occasionally I don’t even wear foundation, I just pat a bit of this on!

Contouring is a bit of an art, and it really depends on your face shape, I am lucky enough to have really high cheekbones, so I just accentuate mine rather than creating too much of an illusion. Study your face shape, and have a go!

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