A-Z of Blogging – W is for Waiting.

We have all encountered delays in our travels, even if you’ve never been on a plane, you’ve probably been stuck waiting for trains and all that!


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Aside from Australia, which is naturally long, I thought I would tell you about the time it took me 36 hours to get home from the USA!

I’d been spending some time in Arizona for a work conference, all fairly standard. The Brit contingency had some flights book to LA so we could grab a connection and fly home from there.

Once we got to the airport, turns out, our carrier had cancelled ALL flights to LA that day, with no real reason! Initially, panic, we found all other carriers had sold out of flights, at this point we were real early, and still had 8 hours to make our connecting flight.

The option to drive, which takes about 6 from that part of AZ to LA, crossed our minds, but an American colleague assured us it would level out, and we should have a beer. Listening to him meant that we did have a beer, but it did NOT level out.

We had to book a different flight to New Jersey instead, and make a connection at JFK. The downside? 11 hour wait at the Airport. Longest 11 hours, all the cafe’s closed early and there were no vending machines either. Our flight to NJ left at around midnight, and we flew on a red eye to Newark.

Weirdly our luggage made it in one piece, and we had to spend the day in New York (read, napping in Central Park before going and hiding in the 1st class lounge at JFK and downing all the free booze).

What awaited us at JFK, was ANOTHER Red Eye. Thus began the worst weekend I ever had when I touched down at 7am on a Saturday, because I spent it asleep.

*I keep saying ‘we’ because I was travelling with my BOSS. Also, the guy I had been dating for a while in London at the time dumped me via email whilst I was traveling back. Stay classy guys.

What’s the longest journey home you’ve ever had?

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