Unusual hotels – The Wigwam Motel, Route 66 – California

One of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed in, is situated in a little town called San Bernadino, California.

Upon check in, the friendly staff of the Wigwam (yeah, you heard right) Motel, will direct you to your bed for the night.

We didn’t book in advance, because we were staying there in March, but I’d probably recommend it if you’re aiming for a Californian Summer road trip. Space is limited, in terms of rooms, and your car will go right up beside it, so there’s no hauling of luggage across a car park, or up and down metal staircases – one of my pet hates of some of the motels in the US.

interior of the wigwam motel room

Pic Courtesy of HIstoric 66.com

We had a standard twin room, in America, that means you get two queen sized beds. The interior is quite basic, but includes the usual microwave, fridge, flat screen tv combo, and a nicely sized bathroom.

There’s not masses of room inside, but you don’t really need that when you’re taking advantage of your kitsch surroundings!

There is a little pool with a few sunloungers dotted around it, which I imagine is lovely in the Summer, despite the hotel’s roadside location.

Foodwise, you need to ask the chap on reception where to get the ‘best Taco’s in town’ from. HE even printed out some directions on Google Maps for us.

In terms of attractions, there’s little to do in the motel, unless TV, swimming and Wifi are the only thing you crave. San Bernadino is home to the site of the very first McDonalds, which sadly, is now just a museum, and a very odd one at that, but worth a visit just to see a little bit of US fast food history.

Also, there’s an In’N’Out on the way. So it has to be done.

As a stopover town, SB is perfect, and the Wigwam Motel is the cutest place we stayed at on Route 66.


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