A little London adventure.

May Day holiday weekend usually means a couple of things: DIY, clear outs, sleeping in, not having fun etc.

This weekend we decided to change that, and my friend Maryam and I booked a hotel in the same city we live in. Just for the night, but we fancied having a bit of a pamper, and as we were heading to a gig anyway, we decided to book a night at the Holiday Inn Kingston South, because a hotel room between us is actually cheaper than a cab home each.

Approaching the hotel, you’re definitely taken by how beautiful the building looks opposite the river.

Holiday Inn Kingston South

Pic courtesy of IHG.

The staff are so friendly, and the reception is all bright and lovely, it definitely has a more boutique vibe to it than ‘just another chain’.

Our twin room was on the first floor, and although there are only two single beds (It’s like being back at my parent’s house!), they are very comfy. I just wish they were a little larger, because I like to spread out when I sleep.

The room is very lovely, and has those little touches of IHG brand standards everywhere, frosted green glass, green and white toiletries, minimal decor etc. The room amenities are what you expect, sans a mini bar.

The Wifi speed is insanely good too, so it’s a perfect spot if you do need to do a touch of work! The giant tv was a blessing for background noise whilst I typed!

Holiday Inn Kingston South

Pic courtesy of IHG.

The supplied toiletries were pretty awful though, especially since London water is already pretty terrible to wash in. The ‘shampoo’ dried out my hair, and the liquid soap dried out my skin. I know we’re not paying premium rates, but you do expect a tiny bit of luxury, rather than a soap that looks like Fairy Liquid.

The only other negative for me was the view. This is what the hotel sells you (though I believe this is a ‘Superior Room’):

Holiday Inn Kingston South

Pic courtesy of IHG

This is what we got:

holiday inn kingston south

Not the best view.

A view like this just makes me think, ‘well it’s only a hotel, and I’m only here to sleep’ – I don’t want that. I want to be immersed in their world just for the night, and a brick wall just brings you back to reality. Shame.

If you are looking for a hotel that is an escape from the hectic nature of central London, but still want to be within reach, this is a pretty great hotel for that.

I’m off to have lunch and shake off the mini hangover with a river walk and some pub grub. Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend!


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