A-Z of blogging – Y is for Your Bucket List

We all have bucket lists right? Some have more on their lists than others, ranging from the simple ‘a skydive’ to the extravagant ‘a skydive in New Zealand’ – but what counts the most, is that bucket lists are totally individual to that person. Some things may cross over – The Northern Lights is one thing that crops up on everyone’s lists. (I’ve actually seen them twice, ahem…).

My list tends to grow every year, sometimes it changes, some things on it drop off, mostly, I just think it’s so important to have one, whether you attain it or not, or whether you’re a realist or a dreamer, I think a list of wishes is something that is extremely important to have.

So what is currently on my travel bucket list?

  • Visit SDCC
  • Drive the Lincoln Highway (Times Square to San Francisco).
  • Move to Australia
  • See Mexico.
  • Take the train across Russia.
  • See Japan.
  • Do more in Europe.


What is on yours?


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