A-Z of blogging – Z is for Zombies

I think we have all felt it before!

That slight Zombie-esque feeling we get when we come back after a holiday, the mixture of sadness and jetlag and lethargy. A change in routine from the routine you get set into from your holiday.

You’re no longer 10 yards from a beach, or a bar, you can’t just go surfing as soon as you wake up, or for a skate. No more early morning lie ins, but more lying awake at 3am for 5 nights because you can’t sleep.

It’s the zombie effect of walking around a little braindead, coming back to your desk to find 300 emails, living off coffee and sugar, anything to avoid the 3pm dip.

The state wears off, but does the zombie effect go away? Do we like the feeling, because even though it signals the end of our adventure, it reminds us we’ve been on them.

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