Hotel Haircare

One of my favourite things to do in the whole world is stay in different hotels. Especially since last year when I stayed in about 15 on my road trip across the USA.

One of the major downsides I’ve found in nearly every hotel I’ve stayed in, is the quality of the shampoo/conditioner in the provided toiletries.

Usually my hair feels quite dried out with what is in your tiny bathroom.

Naturally if you’re staying in the same hotel for a week, you’re probably going to have different things going on than if you would if you were there for a day trip for instance, or going to a wedding.

However for all trips, I pack these chaps.


Treseme Shampoo and Conditioner – Travel Size RRP £1.50 each.

I still only got halfway through a 100ml travel size on my last trip to oz, they’re so long lasting. I really like the shine they give, and they’re great value, enough that you can leave it behind in the hotel without worrying too much.

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