Skype Interview Makeup – The Best Eye-deas.

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There’s no real need to go overboard on your eyes for a Skype interview, a full on smoke will look too heavy in natural daylight AND over a camera (remember, dark greys/blacks can start looking a little green through a lens), it’s best to stick with neutrals.

RRP £20

I usually start with a tiny bit of eyelid primer, this one by Benefit adds a good base, and the colour is fairly neutral, so rubs in pretty nice. I wear this every day for work with a neutral shadow, and my eye makeup is still there come 5pm.

With eyeshadows, matte is best for on camera work, there is a time and place for glitter and skype is not ideal. A really nice starting point for some neutral shadows is this, the wonder product all beauty bloggers rave about.

RRP £20

RRP £20

The naked basics pallette is a smaller version of the larger Naked Pallettes. The basics has less colours, but you get more in terms of volume. I’ve been buying Urban Decay since I was a teen, and I love their eyeshadows so much!


Use Venus all over your lid up to your brows, and Naked 2 on your lids for a super subtle on camera look.

Usually I would add tons of eyeliner, but I think as you’re on camera, just go for a nice slick of your favourite mascara.  I have heard so many good things about this by Maybelline:

RRP £8

I wouldn’t usually go for a plastic mascara applicator, but this one appeals as I’ve heard too many things to resist. I have heard that ‘The Rocket’ might be on par with ‘They’re Real’ – so it’s definitely worth a try.

If you’re blessed with great brows, then give them a little tidy up, or use your favourite brow pencil, Skype is quite forgiving at blurring lines, so you won’t need point perfect brows. If you’re worried, try:

RRP £17.50

RRP £17.50

I’m already on my second tube, and it’s not been out very long! This is something I actually wear every day, but it’s been a total lifehack type product!

Remember simple and natural is best for your eyes. Keep as much eye contact as you can, as it’s all you will have in your interview! If you’re clogging them up with product, the interviewer will not be impressed. Be remembered for your skills, not for mascara goop.

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