Weekend Treat

When you’re saving to move away, it’s sometimes quite hard to justify buying anything for yourself, especially when it’s not related to moving.


I tend to shop in TK Maxx, mostly for shift dresses or work clothes, it’s not somewhere I spend tons of time to be honest!

Their beauty aisles are often as muddled as the clothes, and although I wasn’t shopping per sé for a high end shower gel, when I saw this, I immediately picked it up.

(I was also able to buy an eco tools stippling type brush for £4 quid too, so worth a look).

Last weekend I picked this up, and as it was half price, it’s sort of okay, or something.

RRP £14 (BUT I PAID 7).

I love Philosophy products, their Purity Cleanser is one of my firm favourites (and lasted me through a few weeks in the states back in 2012 – including a random heatwave in CO, and 44c desert heat in AZ). – There will be more posts on facial cleansers for travel to come!

However, this has to be the most decadent shower gel I’ve bought in a while, combining a shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath all in one, it comes in a mighty 480ml size.  It smells absolutely gorgeous, like you can actually smell the shortcrust pastry and warm apples and cinnammon…and oh god, I want pie. It was well worth treating myself, and the bottle should (hopefully) last me through most of the summer.

(I’ve not used it as a shampoo, but as a Bubble Bath AND Shower Gel, it’s super rich, non drying and the scent is so subtle on my skin, it lasts ages. LOVE).

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