Marvellous Moujins!


Moujins the artists village.

Moujins in the heart of the Valmasque Forest

One of the places I have briefly visited on my travels is a little village called Moujins. It’s on the outskirts of Cannes, and short drive up a very steep hill.

One thing you will find is that visitors must leave their cars outside the town, a nice little touch, I guess to cut down on pollution and allow the residents the right of way in their own village. Home to tons of artists, the place has this bright gorgeous feel about it, and you can’t go 10 yards without encountering another studio.

Most importantly, the village is also home to a couple of michelin starred restaurants. Although the restaurant we ate at did not have any stars, the food was still amazing, I did not go for the same thing as my fellow diners (tomato soup, with the mayonnaise, cheese boat things) – I don’t do mayonnaise.

I even had a vegan option (quite a rarity in South France!), now this isn’t a dining blog, and I’m using that as my excuse for not remembering the restaurant name. I do however remember meeting this chap:


french cat in france

This cat just wandered in and sat at the dinner table with us.

How French does this cat look? He’s so aloof, he totally worked the room. What a charmer.

If you want a quiet and relaxed weekend in the South of France, then Moujins is for you. I had a quick look, and currently you can get flights to Nice quite cheap via the Google Flight checker.

Flight checker from Google

Flights from London to Nice, follow the image to check prices.

If you’re wanting a treat of a weekend, you have to stay at Le Mas Candille. Just look at this view! Click through on the image to check prices at time of booking.

Le Mas Candille in the middle of Moujins. Pic, courtesy of

If my ramblings didn’t already sell it to you,and you’re a little unsure, then do as we did and spend a few hours there for an evening meal and a wander. It’s breathtaking.


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