Memories to take to Australia #1


northern lights and a moose

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

I have been lucky enough to have witnessed the Northern Lights, twice now actually.

It’s something I have wanted to do and see and experience my entire life and I’m so glad I did it before I left the hemisphere – is there a southern lights? Any Aussies out there who want to enlighten (sorry) me?

It’s also a strange experience, especially when your holidya revolves around the lights, you find yourself on a coachload or 2 of tourists, but as soon as you’re out in the wilderness in sub zero temperatures, everyone shuts up in the dark. Your only ally at this point is your travel companions and the outside. It’s weird because seeing the northern lights is so humbling, and awe inspiring. This is a natural event that has been happening, well for ever, you get the point. It’s amazing to think our ancestors had all these different versions of what the lights meant to them.

I’ve seen them in Iceland twice now, but in Norway, the lights are all linked to the Gods. My boyfriend and I got very excited in the Northern Lights Museum in Reykjavik and decided we must visit Norway (our next vacation in July), so we can track down Thor. These Northern Lights will have a lot to answer for if we don’t track him down.

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4 responses to “Memories to take to Australia #1

  1. I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous! 😉 Even if I’m from Scandinavia I’ve never seen the northern lights. I have family in the north of Finland so I need to visit them during the winter months!


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