Hello stressful week

This emigrating to another country lark is pretty stressful eh?

travel and emigrating, aeroplane

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This week I have to set up with an ‘umbrella company’ – in the UK this means that I have to find a company who will sort out my paycheques who isn’t my employer. Normally this would be fine, but with leaving I don’t need the fancy things.

All of these companies are trying to sell me bells and whistles products (for a hefty price), I have accountants tweeting at me about their ‘service offering’. It’s all slightly overwhelming – so much so I had a tiny cry in front of my new boss today. Annoying, because this was all caused by a bad move made by my agent, but ho hum, that’s life.

I’ve had more emails from agents in Oz, telling me I’m a perfect candidate but I have to move to Australia first. Sigh.

I’m still trying to get on top of blogging, despite being hella hella busy at the moment. It really feels like there’s no quiet time, and I’ve only got 12 weeks left here. I don’t want it be filled with this admin/stress, because moving away cannot come soon enough!

Sleep forever please!

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