(unsexy) Holiday Wish List Wednesday

I get planes a lot. I travel long haul even more so. The most uncomfortable thing on planes is trying to wear headphones, then nodding off, (I need a bit of ambient noise just to hlep kick start the snoozes), Firebox seem to have solved this ear pain with this, the SleepPhones.

Wireless headphones for plane travel

RRP £35 – £69

Okay look, these aren’t sexy, but if you’re a seasoned traveller like myself, prone to a tiny bit of ear pain, then they’re perfect. (Obviously you can also just wear them in bed too, as per the photo).

Let’s look at these badboys in action.

One happy snoozer – image courtesy of firebox.com

That guy looks pretty happy.

I’ll warn you now, not to watch the video on the page – it’s pretty ‘American’ but still this is a GREAT product.

They’re available in both wireless and wired editions, and in two glorious colours. Unless you’re on a mish to totally seduce your travel partner on the plane, these guys are compact, soft and will do the job. Pretty solid effort.

Go for the wireless option, because unlike the people in these photos, I roll around my bed like a lunatic when the lights are out.

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