Long distance relationship woes



So, most of you are aware that I’m currently in a long distance relationship, (until September at least), and have been since December 2013.

Some days it’s really hard, and it sucks and you get lonely and miss hugs, but mostly, it’s an incredible thing to do, and I’ve never felt closer to a person.

I usually get a lot of people asking me ‘How do you do it?’ so I thought I should at least write some blog posts with tips for others in LDRs, because it’s such a tough thing to put your heart through.

How do you do it?

We’re both quite independent people, which really helps. If you’re extremely codependent, I’d probably advise that a long distance thing isn’t going to work for you, because, SHOCK HORROR, your significant other won’t be there in person 24/7.

You both have to make sacrifices, and work bloody hard, but it’s completely worth it.

This isn’t a choice we wanted to make, it was a choice we consciously made. That;s really important, an LDR is one of the hardest things you can do, noone would put themselves through this if they didn’t have to.

Yes, we both miss the intimate times, that’s a given, but we’re getting to know each other on a different level – we’re not saying we’re better or happier than other people or other couples, but we’re pretty blissful.

Being in an LDR has made me appreciate what we have so much, and I love seeing how chuffed he is when he receives my little gifts in the post. (He just received a care package).

N.B LDRs are not as lovely as they seem on tumblr or in those photos on the internet. JFC.

Are you in a long distance thing or want some advice because you’re considering it!? You can email me on claire@24hoursfromhome.com or leave a comment below. Will answer your queries in another blog post.

2 responses to “Long distance relationship woes

  1. I sympathise. I was in the US when I met my partner who was here in Australia (we met online) and did the online long distance thing for a long, long time, But now I’m here and we’re together and it’s amazing. Sorry for all the comment spam. I just discovered your blog 🙂


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