Weekend Treat

For people who are new to my blog, (HI!), you should probably be aware I’m a contractor/freelancer. I’ve chosen this because I don’t feel it’s professional to be tied down to an FTC in case I needed to move at a moment’s notice.

So, whilst my last role was in Essex and involved a three hour round commute, with no pubs nearby and no friends to ‘just pop for a beer with’ in town, it was starting to get depressing. It was in April that I fully decided to commit to freelancing properly, I wrote a post about it here.

On May 1st, I started a job just off Regent Street. I can walk to Topshop in less than 5 minutes, this is a mixture of amazing and also the worst possible thing when you’re trying to save, but I digress. So, I usually get the tube home from a different station, and on this lovely 25 minute commute home, I have to walk past Boots (a drugstore). It would be rude not to pick up a treat every Friday, right? This week I was quite reserved, and only bought a couple of things.

The first one was a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm, in Audacious.

Revlon Matte lipstick coral

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm – Audacious £7.99

It’s this gorgeous, corally, red type colour, that applies really smoothly, and doesn’t need much reapplying once it’s on. I’ve never had so many compliments on a lipstick before, and I can’t get over how cheap this is. It’s going to be a staple for my mini break in Norway, and will definitely look amazing once I have a bit more of a perma tan on my face in Australia! I absolutely adore matte lipsticks, I do love a bit of gloss, but matte seems to be the in thing at the moment, and is way nicer for Summer months.

I am a massive fan of lotions and potions, and especially like anything that has ‘anti-aging’ written on the box. Currently, Boots are selling their Time Delay range at half the RRP, so I couldn’t resist pick up a tube of the Radiance Booster, an anti aging skin highlighter?! Seems too good to be true. This cream also claims to tighten your skin, as well as being able to put it under your makeup.

Anti ageing highlighter cream

Boots Time Delay Skin Treatments Radiance Booster 50ml – £3.74 (usually £7.49)

I was drawn to it, because I like multi use products, they’re perfect to take travelling, and anything that cuts down on luggage weight for plane rides and beauty routine time when I’m supposed to be out having adventures is ace in my book.

I’m yet to try the intensive night treatment, but I’m unsure I could use this as a primer. As a primer, it has made my blemishes a little worse and more prominent, and sort of feels like it’s a bit clammy on my skin. I will try this as a night cream to see if it’s as good as they say! Negatibe aside, and the extra concealer I’m wearing, my skin is glowing quite beautifully, it’s fairly comparable to my Arbonne highlighter, which cost rather a lot in comparison. A good skincare dupe!

Clicking through on both images will take you straight to the Boots’ site.

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