My lazy Saturday.

I’ve had quite a busy few weekends recently, so yesterday I spent most of my day lolling around in my room with two of the fluffies.

cat asleep, happy

This is Falgoust, the boy cat.

stretchy cat

Meet Linda, our girl cat.

kindle comics

Kindle Comics – still undecided.

This is Linda and Falgoust, the cats I live with. I’m so lucky to be able to live in London AND have pets. It’s lovely coming home after a hard day, and there are animals who want to give cuddles. I wasn’t a cat person when I moved in here, but these guys are totally the best thing. I’m going to miss them so badly when I leave.

I also started to do some reading, then, my friends and I decided to pop out for a couple of Saturday night beers in some of our favourite haunts in Camden. A lazy Sunday and BBQ is calling today methinks.

My reading material, which didn’t get very far, is part two of the Superman Earth One series. Side Note: Although it’s not overly lifestyley, I might do an introduction to comics for newbies post, what do you think?

I’m still fairly new to buying comics on Kindle, I don’t mind too much with actual books, because they take up loads of space, and I don’t reread stuff that often. Comics though, I’m still super uncertain whether I can actually do the whole thing on Kindle.

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