My hero travel items #3

Although one of my hero items is an all purpose cream, I also like to carry around a lip balm with me too. This also applies to travelling to work as well as long haul flights.

That hero item is LIP BALM. I am currently working with two different balms, both of which are amazing. One is high end, the other is not high end, and is more high street or drugstore.

My first favourite is by Kiehls, and it’s their tinted SPF 15 range in Hue 30G.

kiehls lip balm with SPF

RRP £9.50

THis isn’t as bright as the shade looks on the tube, it glides on quite sheers, and just adds a tiny pop of colour that’s (importantly) work and school appropriate. It also does a decent job of softening my lips, and I find I only need to apply it a couple of times per day! It’s also got that all important SPF in it, because your lips can burn too! This lives in my pen pot at work and is a proper fave!

My other favourite is a drugstore buy, and you can probably predict what it is.

I should add this is a newer buy, because I never thought anything could trump my beloved cherry carmex pots.

Maybelline released Baby Lips not too long ago, a nd at first I was a little apprehensive, mostly because the name ‘baby lips’ actually put me off slightly. It was only seeing the overwhelming popularity of them on beauty blogs that I did a 180 and picked one up.

I opted for their slightly tinted ‘Cherry Me’. Oh my goodness how good does this smell?!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me

RRP 2.99

The scent reminds me of those sweets you would get in a tube that sort of looked lke lipstick but tasted like chalk. What were those called? Anyway you can pick Baby Lips up in a variety of scents and non tints if you prefer a clear balm, but they’re pretty great. They do dump a little more product than most lipbalms, so beware of greasing your lips too much, a couple of layers will do the trick.

You will probably need to top up more with this than the Kiehls product however, as it’s less rich.

Anyway, without fail I always have one of these with me, though when I travelled to Australia in March I FORGOT to pack a lip balm. My lips suffered horribly. Never again.


4 responses to “My hero travel items #3

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Baby Lips! My favorite lip product is Bite’s Agave Lip Mask (it smells like vanilla) and is so moisturizing! I don’t travel without it now!


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