Interesting places to stay…Oxford, UK.

Previously on this blog, I have mentioned unusual hotels I’ve either stayed in or want to stay in,

The Wigwam Motel in Sanbernadino, or some Underground Hotels you can find across the globe. I thought it might be cool to do a proper series of these posts, because they all seem quite popular!

First up, is one hotel which is slightly closer to home, my home, probably less than 60 miles from home.

I used to work in marketing for luxury hotels about 5/6 years ago, and I remember how members of the public seemed a little put off Malmaison, because there is some sort of misconception that they’re really expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Plus, if you’re looking to pay for a little touch luxury, but want a boutique feel that you don’t really get in some faceless chains, then Mal are the hotels for you.

The Malmaison in Oxford, is a former prison, now converted into a very cool looking hotel. For non Brits, Malmaison is a luxury hotel chain (except they’re affordable), the rates really aren’t that bad at all.

Ever since this place opened I have been dying to stay there, I mean look at the entrance! This is so a Song of Ice and Fire!

Malmaison Oxford entrance.

Malmaison Oxford Entrance. Photo courtesy of

I love that the rooms all have the typical opulance of a Mal, but also keep the quirk they profess to have too. Most of the rooms are original cells, and rather than outfitting them with standard hotel doors, you still have some original fixtures and fittings to seal that whole gaol vibe.

double room at malmaison oxford

One of the Double Rooms. Photo courtesy of

The prison hotel comes equipped with the usual speedy wifi, nice showers and inroom dining, so you’re not sacrificing quirk for amenities AT ALL.

This is somewhere I REALLY want to stay before I leave, and if you’re travelling to the UK or looking for somewhere a little bit different then it’s perfect.

Mal are always running amazing offers and currently, at pretty much all their UK destinations, you can book a stopover, that includes breakfast, a cocktail (not for breaky, unless you’re into that sort of thing), and a £50 shopping voucher for a nearby shopping destination. Bargain.


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  1. Hiyah
    Stopping by the smart twentis facebook group. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of air bnb but they offer amazing, unique accomodation: from a room in someones house to luxury apartments to a gypsy caravan to a hammock on the beach. I’ve got a whole list of places I want to stay, might be worth a visit to add to your wishlist.
    I wrote a bit about them here:


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