Holiday Wish List Wednesday

One of the worst holiday crimes I have ever committed is, when packing for a holiday, I go to the back of my wardrobe, and throw a load of my old short sleeved tshirts in my holdall or suitcase without a second thought. Not because tshirts are boring, but usually because they’re lightweight, go with everything and are far too easy to style with a maxi skirt or a pair of my old denim jeans.

This year I need to stop being so heinous, put down my bobbly old shirts that I sometimes also wear in bed or to the gym. (multi use or something).

Let’s go for ‘operation tee’. Instead of dull worn out tees, let’s start making an effort and glam up a little. Let them work for holidays and day trips and anywhere else you’d usually be guilty of pulling out an old comfy tee from the backend of your storage.

When I saw this, I totally fell in love.

River island summer tee

River Island Oversized Tee RRP £30

I love this boxy oversized shirt, I like that the colours aren’t totally neutral, but they are still easy to pair with tons of outfits, whether it’s denim shorts or a leather skirt for a night out. The sporty collar stops it being totally smart and workish looking, and the long sleeves mean if you accidentally get a little sunburn on your shoulders (i.e me), this won’t chafe or feel uncomfortable. I’d also wear with a simple silver chain instead of a crazy statement one. I think the juxtaposition of the collar and the shirt means you don’t want to distract attention with too much bling.

It’s about £30 from River Island, and gosh I love it so much. Mostly it’s the non symmetrical-ness going on, gorgeous.

Is anyone else guilty of packing old boring tees when they go away? Have you seen any gorgeous tees that have caught your eye for your hols?

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