Protect your head! Sunny weather help!

Sensible post alert!

If you’re off on a beachy holiday this year, firstly, I AM JEALOUS (even though I’m moving to a country of perpetual beaches…shush), but mostly, are you taking the right stuff? I will look into doing a post about the right make up, if any you should wear to the beach, but do you have the basics down?

Protect your skin.

As part of researching this post, I did a google search for Sunburn and now I feel like I need to apply After Sun, even if I’ve only been outside for about 4 minutes today. S

Always wear sunscreen, I know it sounds like nagging, but ALWAYS do it, I’m not even going to link you to any, because I think you should wear it without a blogger telling you which brand is best. My only advice is do NOT buy any that tell you it’s okay to apply just one coat for 24 hours. It is not good for your skin, and if you’re in and out of the water, it will wash off. I’m no medical expert, but just use your common sense by your skin tone. If you’re unsure, ask your pharmacist for help. Okay, nagging done. Soz mum.

suntan lotion for hair

Soltan Spray for head and scalp

If you’re a pale kid like me, you may find that unless you wear a hat (itchy), you burn your head from time to time come summer. Boots have this awesome scalp protection spray, I can’t say it’s great on your hair, (but you know, wash it), but this will do wonders and stop you having a tell tale ‘parting red line’ on your head. Currently on offer at Boots too.

The only other product I would recommend is layering on a face cream, again, you’re on hols so you don’t need loads of makeup anyway. One I have mentioned previously is Soap and Glory’s translucent BB cream but another I have used more recently is the Clarins New Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face Very High Protection UVB 50+ (catchy). 

This one is so rich and gorgeous, you will definitely notice its protection power straight away, I’ve used the Chanel one before too, and this is the closest face SPF cream I’ve used that compares. £19 may seem a little steep, but that tube lasted both my sister and I through the whole of our road trip and beyond last year.

High SPF face cream

Clarins New Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face Very High Protection UVB 50+ RRP £19

Mostly, this is not a nagging article, nor is it one forcing you to buy one product over another, it’s just to emphasise that it’s not just your back or arms that need protecting in the heat, but even areas like your forehead and back of your scalp can be affected. Stay safe.

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