Surprisingly beautiful – French Connection homeware

One of the brands that I never even considered as a top player in the homeware game was French Connection, in fact most of my youth and school days was spent saving up for their tees, and begging my big sisters to borrow theirs. They were the epitome of cool.


Obviously they have moved on from their tongue in cheek days, and I’ve bought many a beautiful item over the years (including a breton dress in Australia back in March, which has become one of my wardrobe favourites). I’ve never really considered them a ‘furniture’ shop, because I think they’ve always seemed to be so classic with their fashion, and I think homewares are so much harder to do.

However, when I was directed towards their homeware range earlier, it changed my mind entirely. Now, I’m dreaming of how I’ll be styling my new place on the other side of the world and mostly lusting after things I’m going to have to try and copy for when I’m over there.

One of the things I will miss the most is the great british seaside, and how vintage and retro that whole culture is. Aussie beach culture feels slightly more modern, and surfish, and of course, I love that too, I’ll definitely want to surround myself with homewares that remind me of british beach culture when I’m starting to settle into my new place 10,000 miles away.

I think this is why the French Connection stuff stuck out so much, I really love the simplicity of their homeware, which is me all round.

My firm and total favourite, of all of their things is their porthole mirror, it’s nautical without being too cliche, but still got a little kick of the seaside about it.

The mirror is 50cm in size, so it’s perfect for either hallway placement, I really love that the hanger is made from a grey jersey material, again it stops the mirror from going too far into sea shanty territory. (obviously not a bad thing).

My other firm favourite is this gorgeous driftwood table, which mostly looks like the perfect size to hold a pizza (v. important). It’s super cute and has a really nice mix of shabby beach and chrome, which is ace. My toy dinosaur pretty shell collection will sit perfectly on here. When it’s not covered with a giant pizza of course.

Last, but not least, is one of their wonder items from their sale. Sorry to say it’s not beach related, but it’s only five blimmin’ quid and it’s one of the cutest ‘vases’ I’ve seen in ages. At 13cm you probably won’t fit massive bouquets of flowers in it, but I’m planning to drink tea out of mine, and the monochrome assures me that it fits in with my personal tastes.

There are six different styles to choose from, but naturally my favourite is the one with the dinosaur, then second choice is the moth. The others have a slight edge of the scary about them, but the creature ones rock. I am a French Connection Homeware convert.

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