Weekend treat – And Other Stories Eyebrow Cream

I’ve converted a whole bunch of my friends and family over to Gimme Brow. It’s perfect if you want HD looking brows but you don’t have the time or budget to fuss over them. Gimme Brow has been my saviour for the past few months, because I’m slightly lazy, and I was doing a 3 hour round commute till April.

Yesterday on my wander through And Other Stories, I came across this:

Their makeup range is already really popular with Beauty Bloggers. They offer drugstore prices but amazing quality (more Revlon prices than Miss Sporty). I’d never heard of this, so I thought I would give it a try, and verdict is, it’s pretty awesome.

It has pretty much the same effect as Gimme Brow, except it’s less gel like, (hence the name cream I guess).

It is available in 2 colours, Mole Light and Vamp Brown, I went for vamp brown because my hair is currently dyed dark. My only tip would be to buy to match your hair colour, not your eyebrow colour, my eyebrows are naturally very white, and although very full, they look invisible because I’m naturally blonde (but like to dye my hair a bit gothy).  Redheads, I’d go for the shade depending on how deep your red is.

I use an angled eyebrow brush to apply but I need to say, don’t use loads of this. A teeny tiny amount is plenty for both brows.

Here is the colour for Vamp Brown. Apologies for the lighting, and the tiny scar on my hand. I was bitten by a rabbit (not mine) when I was 10. It hurt.

eyebrow cream dark brown and other stories

Vamp Brown Eyebrow Cream Swatch

You can really see on my hand just how pigmented the tiniest, tiniest amount really can be. It’s also not budging.

I don’t think I will be abandoning Gimme Brow entirely, but I will use this instead of an eyebrow palette on special occasions or nights out. I think it’s a gorgeous shade of brown, and will really help to give my brows depth, where the gimme brow tends to add texture.

If you’re able to get the Regent Street store, I recommend giving it a swatch, if not, and you’re looking for anew eyebrow product, that’s a bit different to pencils or the usual palettes, give this a go.

Have you guys used anything by And Other Stories? What do you think?

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