Interesting places to stay…Kanazawa, Japan

Is it just me that browses hotel websites looking for places to add to their bucket list?!

Last week, I stumbled across this beauty on Mr and Mrs Smith (my all time favourite wish list bookings site), and well, just look at that view.

beniya muakayu hotel interesting hotels in japan

Beniya Mukayu Hotel – photo courtesy of Mr and Mrs Smith

Imagine waking up and padding across your bamboo floor to this?! What a totally gorgeous view.

This is how it is described by Mr and Mrs Smith:

‘At Beniya Mukayu hotel in Kanazawa, you can eat kaiseki-style, kip on futons, start every day with free yoga and end every night in your private onsen (spa bath). Beniya hotel has developed its own wine, coffee, bath products, pottery and wabi-sabi philosophy. Expect the best night’s sleep of your life here’.

It’s a little bit idyllic, and quite remote, so I’d say it’s more honeymoon or holiday treat than backpackers, as rates are around £344 per night for a double. You’re given a kimono upon entering, which you wear the whole time, and apparently your dinner is ’10 course affair’ – blimey!

Every room also comes with its own hot s[rong bath too, for that extra edge of indulgence.

I’m going to be living much closer to Japan than I ever have in my life come September, I wonder how much persuading the boyfriend will need to let us stay here!

Click through on the image for more amazing photos and to book.

What’s the most indulgent place you have ever stayed? (I might spill the beans about mine next week!)

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