Holiday Wish List Wednesday – nerd edition

It’s no secret I am a huge comic book nerd, so when I stumbled across this on the Urban Outfitter’s website recently, I knew it had to go on a wishlist of sorts.

marvel comics tshirt urban outfitters

Marvel Comics Baseball Tee £32

I am a sucker for a baseball tshirt, and this is no exception, it’s got the right edge of cool, and would be perfect on a city break around Europe, especially with the cooler evenings!

£32 is a little bit pricy for what is essentially a bit of merch (especially now since Primark also own a Marvel license), but the material looks super cosy, and will no doubt have that perfect balance to keep you warm/cool, no matter what the temperature.

I feel like I am forever just putting coats or tshirts on my wish lists here, but I’m not sorry, nope. Now where is my latest issue of Captain America…

Have you lot seen any cool nerdy fashion lately? Send links my way!

2 responses to “Holiday Wish List Wednesday – nerd edition

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