Summer Essentials Competition!


I realise reaching 100 followers on bloglovin, and 99 on wordpress isn’t a dramatically huge, but this blog is still only an infant, and it really means so much to me that you guys enjoy reading my nonsense as much as I like writing it.

As a tiny thank you, (and it really is tiny), I’m giving away a little summer essentials kit, whether you want to pop bits in your handbag for days out, take it to a hotel on a city break or use it in your hand luggage for a beach holiday – the possibilities are (almost) limitless.

Here is the kit in question:

summer travel minis

  • Ambre Solaire SPF 50+ for sensitive skin (50ml)
  • Simple kind to skin cleansing wipes
  • Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser (50ml)
  • Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower concentrate (50ml)
  • Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo (75ml)
  • Aussie 3 min miracel reconstructor sachet (20ml)
  • Toni and Guy Sea Salt texturising spray (75ml) (I need to say, that this is the BOMB, and my favourite haircare item from the past 12 months, so let me pass the ultimate brilliance onto you, dear reader, and potential winner).

Not pictured:

OODLES of extra little treats!

Please bear in mind that the moisturiser does not contain an spf, nor do the hair products, so you’ll need to top up on those bits.

These items are all the right size for hand luggage but are also ideal sizes for hold luggage items too, leaving you more room for brilliant souvenirs or a holiday shopping spree.

How to win

There are 3 different ways you will be able to get your name into the prize draw, so that’s 3 ways of entering. Only want to do #1? Then that’s 1 entry, want to do all 3, then that is 3 entries! Simples.

1. Comment below, telling me your summer essential product (beauty or non beauty!). Easy right?

2. Follow me on bloglovin by clicking here, and then heart this post, so I know it’s you.

3. Follow me on twitter, and tell me what makes a perfect sunny day, perfect for you!

Boring bits

I won’t be picking the winner for their cleverest haiku, or for the answer with the nicest grammar, OR for the person who tweets about it 80 times – you sir or madam, will get disqualified, it is purely out of interest that I’m asking you to comment!

Obviously, make sure that you’re fully contactable, twitter and other bloggers I can get hold of, anon commenters, not so much 🙂

A winner will be picked at random! RANDOM.


Draw ends Friday July 11th at Midday. Winner drawn shortly after and will be announced on either here, or twitter.

15 responses to “Summer Essentials Competition!

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  5. Congratulations! I’ve been scrolling through your blog and you deserve it.
    I think my summer essential product would have to be sandals with a suede sole! Funny choice but I suffer with a condition called hyperhidrosis which means that my hands and feet sweat excessively everyday of my life (gross, I know). In summer, they become so much worse and I can’t walk on normal flipflops/sandals. Suede kinda absorbs it! Oh, this is such a disgusting answer… I apologise!
    I would choose orange nail polish (specifically Carnival by Topshop) but I wear it almost 365 days a year!

    I followed on Bloglovin’ and my blog is . I also followed on Twitter and my username is @fluxandflo – just so you know! 🙂


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