Unusual (and incredible) places to stay – Jade Mountain, St Lucia

Errr, well.

Jade mountain st lucia

Infinity pool, Jade Mountain, St Lucia. Photog courtesy of Jade Mountain.com

I realise this looks like the start of a cut scene from a zombie video game or something, but it’s an ensuite infinity pool, from a hotel in St Lucia. I REPEAT, EN SUITE INFINITY POOLS!

I’ve never been to the this part of the world before, but as a starting point, I think this is perfect. I am dying to go, it looks like a posh version of Jurassic Park, with added Infinity Pools.

St Lucia is chock to the brim with mountains, so if you’re a hiker, it’s also an ideal place.

Check out some pictures of the gorgeous hotel and surroundings, all images reposted with permission from the lovely people at Jade Mountain:

Jade Mountain hotel room view

Just check out that view!

St Lucia View Volcano St Lucia Balcony View St Lucia hotel St Lucia Yoga St Lucia VIew st lucia at night evening st lucia

I am swooning all over the place here.

Do you have a sweet tooth? The hotel also boasts a chocolate laboratory, meaning you can lie in your infinity pool eating the (chocolate) fruits of your labour made from the morning before.  Although, with views like this, would you remember to leave the room?

If you’re only really there to destress, and will your worries away, the hotel provides a destress and detox package.  An all day event, the activities include a plethora of yoga and juice drinking, and is mostly aimed at couples.

I’d always advise booking directly with the hotel, as you’re more likely to find savings this way, so check out www.jademountain.com

Have any of you visited this part of the world? Do you have any suggestions of places to stay? Have you stayed at Jade Mountain? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m running a competition right here, all you need to do is comment.



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