Holiday Wish List Wednesday – the shoe edition

This one is probably less of a wish list, and more of an actual, I’m gonna buy this in a minute post.

It’s no question that I love a good boot – I have so many pairs I don’t really quite know what to do!
However, these chaps are absolutely perfect for my up and coming trip to Norway.

Navy blue chelsea boots

Navy cut out buckle side Chelsea boots

I love the shade of these, they’re not too dark, but still quite understated. They will look fab with pretty summery dresses as well as tough tshirt and tunic dresses (I wear those a lot).

I really like the cut out too, it’s not too over the top!

My purple brogue boots from River Island get SO many compliments, and I’d imagine these will be the same!

There’s only a couple of sizes left, and they’re currently reduced to £20, so get ’em! Link to product is through the image!

Do you have a boot that you wear all year round? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out my giveaway!

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