My hero travel items #4 (plus giveaway!)

One of my favourite items is something that I not only travel with, but also keep in my handbag. This is a little bottle of wonder that gives me beachy waves without needing to be near the beach!

I’m very big on the effortless look, but my hair tends to look a bit gorss if I try and go for the ‘unbrushed bedhead’ look, it just doesn’t sit right on me, so the beachy waves are the perfect comprimise.

I first used a sea-salt spray, get this THIRTEEN years ago, I believe it was an umberto giannini brand, and it was perfect, (back then I had VERY long hair), Β and it was a treat of a product! Beachy waves went out of style in favour of uber straight hair (thank you GHDs), but recently, I have been looking for a more laidback look that I don’t have to spend 30 mins creating with my curling tongs.

I’ve been trying to find something to mirror my fave teenage product, as I’m pretty sure it got discontinued, and came across this last year:


This is a wonder of a product, you spray it onto dry hair, fluff it out a bit, and once it dries, it leaves you with perfect post surf waves, which do last a little longer than you’d expect.

It comes in two sizes, with the smaller size the perfect amount for hand luggage and popping in your handbag. I love this stuff.

Toni and Guy sell this directly on theor website, but if it’s sold out I’m fairly certain you can also pick this up in Boots.Β (In fact on closer inspection, it’s currently marked with 1/3 off the price in Boots, so go get it!)

I would recommend picking up a large and a small, and using the larger size to refill your little one, so you’ve always got some for when you’re out and about or trevalling, like I do!

For me, this replaces the need for taking hairspray on holiday, as it sort of tames humid locks a little (not loads, but a little), but it’s a great little styler for city breaks!

I’m giving away a bottle of this as part of my June Summer Essentials Giveaway – so go enter – all you have to do is comment!



13 responses to “My hero travel items #4 (plus giveaway!)

  1. I totally thought I’d already commented on this. My beauty essentials are a good sun cream/oil (at least SPF15)- I’ve been using Calypso dry oil this time. andddd a good after sun, with aloe vera (and chilled in the fridge) x


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