The 5 (boring) holiday essentials…

I know this blog has recently had a much wider focus on beauty for travel, but today we’re going to have a slightly less interesting but essential look at the other bits you will need before you go away…

1. Currency

Well, err yeah, sort of essential for helping you buy stuff eh?

foreign currency what to get

You’ll need to have the right currency when you travel

Make sure you get the best deal possible by shopping around for your currency, with Money Supermarket being a decent starting point. Usually you will start making savings if you’re hitting the £500 point (which is an awful load of cash to carry around!).

You do have the option of a  ‘pre paid card’; a card you load up with your spends, and take that instead. Ukash is probably the most popular, because there is no monthly fee for having cash in your account.

To be honest, this is all about personal preference, in Iceland the currency has some notes with very low denominations, (so low, in fact my Post Office gave me 15,000 krona in 300 krona notes – we felt rich).

2. Insurance

travel insurance

Travel Insurance is a necessity

Yeah, it’s another snore fest, but (if you’re coming from the UK and going elsewhere especially) you need it. I’ve tried various different insurers and been lucky enough to never need it, but the past two occasions I’ve traveled long haul, I have used Protect Your Bubble and Google Insurance respectively (my bank covers my travel through the EU).

3. Sun Cream

suncream is important

Suncream is THE MOST important thing when you travel

I’ve already written about this here, but I can’t hammer it home enough.

4.  Visas/Passport etc…

visa application

Check to see if you need a Visa and what type!

I’ve mentioned this before too, look into where you are going , do you need an ESTA? Is your current ESTA due to expire? Do some research, so you don’t get caught out airside and sent straight home.

(Also note, that your travel visas will digitally be associated with your passport once you register!)

5. Online check in/selecting your seat!

airplane seat

Get the best seat available by checking in online

As boring as it sounds, it’s definitely worth checking in online if you can. If you do this before traveling short haul and you only have your hand luggage, you can sail right through to security.

Picking your seat means you can select the best one (long haulers go in the middle at the back if it looks empty!)

What are your boring travel essentials? Do you pack anything boring that I have missed? Let me know in the comments below!

7 responses to “The 5 (boring) holiday essentials…

  1. Your blog is lovely! I saw you left a comment on my blog and it made me quite happy, thanks so much. Great travel tips! I was actually planning to do a travel tips type blogpost soon because I’m traveling abroad again this week! xx


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