All the tired (An apology)

sad puppy apology post

I have been the WORST blogger this month.

Mostly an apology post because of my insane contract lately. I’ve barely been able to have 5 mins to myself let alone get on with some blogging. I have loved every minute of my two month contract, but it’s now time for some down time…so I am taking July off! HOORAY!

I have the first two weeks to squeeze in more daytime driving lessons as well as ebaying most of my life in preparation for the move!

On the 13th, my lovely boyfriend will be in the UK for a few weeks, and I’m also heading to Comic Con (London), Cambridge, Norway and Wales.

I’m gonna squeeze in a last museum trip or two as well.

Regular service will be properly resumed tomorrow and thanks for being so patient!

(on top of this, I also went to Wimbledon this weekend, so still slightly suffering with a two day hangover!)

Wimbledon blog post to come either this evening or first thing!

Whilst you’re waiting for me to get my life in gear, check my giveaway, here!

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