10 of the best…iOS and Android travel apps

It’s quite apparent that most of us can’t go two minutes in our lives without checking our phones or tablets, travel blogger Flora The Explorer has written an awesome post about our reliance on technology whilst on the road.

travel apps

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Before you go away on a break, you probably have a HUGE to do list, and if you’re like me, you probably also prefer booking flights over booking hotels (way less stress).

I have listed some of my essential apps, to either help with before, after or during your trip.

I have tried to include links to both iOS and Android where I can.

1. Top 10 Hotels

iOS link

If you like fuss free hotel searching (like me), then this is a godsend, the calendar is very simple to use i.e it works. You can filter your choice by loads of different criteria, but most importantly it uses geolocation technology, which doesn’t sound like a real thing, but basically, if you find yourself stranded anywhere – this app will automatically detect where you are.

Annoyingly it links through to affiliates instead of offering its own booking engine, but I don’t see that being too far off.

2. Citymapper – links to both devices here.

If you live or you’re intending to visit a major European or US city, then download Citymapper.

3. Google Maps

Android   iOS

Do I need to explain this one?

4. Hailo/Uber/Addison Lee – no links, check your app store.

Probably more for the UK – but a generic taxi app is a no brainer really. I don’t really need to do the homework for you on this one, just make sure the car you book is a licensed cab. That’s the only brainy bit you will need to do.

5. Appy Hour – Iceland only (suggestion from Keegan)

Appy Hour is perfect for anyone who wants to travel to Iceland on a budget, as the locals in Iceland start boozing much later than the rest of the UK, Appy Hour lets you know where the beer may cost as little as £1 per pint if you time it right.

6. Kindle – link to download for all devices

There really is no point having a million devices or carrying a million books, and my kindle app on my tablet is one of my most used. All your purchases sync across devices, so if you only have your phone when you’re out exploring, and you need to check that lonely planet guide, then look it up (just remember to load/sync all your purchases when you’re in wifi range, or your travel guide will not load).

7. Duolingo

This is a natural way to learn a language, and fun, because it’s also largely a game (the app, not learning to speak a different language), so win win really. Importantly, it goes straight in teaching you things like ‘newspapers’ and ‘drinks’ so you’re learning realistic phrases straight off the bat.

8. AirBnB – link to download across all devices

An alternative to all the other ‘hotel’ apps out there, if you’ve never tried it out, then consider giving it a go. It’s a fuss free alternative to booking hotels, as you’re staying in someone’s home.  I’d deffo recommend it if you’re going to expensive cities like Paris or Oslo, because you will nearly always have your own kitchen, so you can cut down on expensive meal costs.

9. Spotify (unlimited subscription)

Music is such a huge part of your life, and Spotify’s ability to stream Offline playlist in non spotify regions (like Australia) has been a travel godsend. Also use my roomie’s top tip and stick your phone in a deep cup – it’s a perfect amplifier. If you’re stuck trying to think up playlists, check out my Route 66 hitlist, subscribe and hit shuffle.

10. XE.com

Another no brainer here. But you might be stuck somewhere, and you’re trying to work out currency amounts, and you can’t quite shake that hangover, and your brain hurts too much, so download the XE.com app, and have another beer the night before. Save your brain cells.

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