Memories to take to Australia #2

For those who haven’t seen the first installment in these posts, check it here

Well, one of the things I will really miss when I move to Australia, is the menagerie of animals that I currently reside with. They belong to my housemate, and over the past twelve months of living with them, I have become a sort of ‘step mum’ to them.

For those new to my blog, here are so introductions for you:

widget german spitz

This is Widget the German Spitz

domestic short hair cat fast asleep

This is linda, the super tiny one

domestic short hair

This is Falgoust, the bigger of the two, and Linda’s brother

Having three pets can be quite a handful (so if you’re currently still trying to decide whether you want a pet or not, make sure you have a real hard think). After a really hard day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to animals who are happy to see you, even the cats are!

I was NOT a cat person when I moved in here, but these guys are changing my mind (a little), they mostly act like dogs, and the dog acts like a cat. It’s sort of brilliant to see them all interacting together.

The cats are SUPER into cuddles and don’t like being on their own, so I find if I am at home, at least one of them will be asleep on my bed whilst I am blogging or working.

Basically, I am gonna miss these guys, I won’t be getting a pet in Australia (we’ll be living in a flat, so that won’t be fair), and also I think there are plenty of drop bears to go around, I won’t need one!

I’ll probably try and do a whole photo post of them at some point too, as I have SO MANY photos!

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