I am not a food blogger – ‘courgetti’ recipe

This blog post is dedicated to Laura George (I’m a bit obsessed with her blog…go check it out!)

Generalisation time! I strongly believe that people can be divided into two camps: lovers or fighters, Northern or Southern, Marvel or DC AND bakers or cooks.

I am a cook.

To further elaborate my point, aged 11 in Home Ec, I baked an apple pie, and forgot to put the SUGAR in it. THE FUNDAMENTAL PART. My family were very kind, smiling through their screwed up ‘never let her near pastry again faces’

I digress. So I can cook, I have had the odd disaster, but (usually) always saved it.  I like to cook to unwind, and my food tastes sort of good.

After the longest introduction in the world to a non recipe, meet:


This is a perfect ‘fridge raider’ 3 days before pay day thing, when you’re a bit skint, but don’t want to stuff yourself with pasta again. I found this filling but not sluggish, I didn’t need a lie down and a nap after eating it. Also, this courgette only cost me 1p in the supermarket, I think the scales on the till were broken.

What you will need:

  • Courgette (zucchini) – 1 per person
  • Salt

You need to peel your courgette, with a peeler. Obvs.

This is from IKEA and most likely costs 25p

It needs to be this type of peeler where the blade runs along the top – first peel off the skin – you can add the skin into the dish if you like, but it’s a tad bitter (read: gross), and won’t really work with most sauces.

So now you have a nude courgette, or your ‘nugette’ – you need to start turning it into pasta:

  • Begin by peeling it from top to bottom but turn it every time you peel. Your strips will get larger and larger, and you’ll be left with a cuboid that is full of seeds (throw that away).
  • Now that you have stripped your nugette of all his dignity, you can start to create your noodles.
  • It’s as easy as this, use a good knife, and cut thin strips LENGTHWISE. I’m too impatient, and cut larger strips – so it was more a tagliatelli size.

You will need to put your new courgetti noodles into a SIEVE, over a bowl, once all your noodles are in there, give it a spritz of salt, and leave it be for around 30 mins (your courgetti is about to get sweaty).

zucchini pasta

Once the salt has drawn out the moisture, chuck it in a frying pan, after about 3 mins, add your sauce and let it simmer for another 5 mins or so. EASY.

courgette pasta


As you can see I added tomato sauce (and some soured cream), but I think this will work even better with a bit of lemon juice and a touch of pesto!

I’m not a food blogger, but I do like to eat! This non recipe was created at the request of the lovely Laura, as linked above!

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