How to monetise your blog with affiliate links…

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You may have noticed that quite a few bloggers will have mentioned in their disclaimers that affiliate links might be imbedded in their blogs, and it does sound scary/a bit weird. I mean, how is it different to a sponsored post?!

Firstly, affiliate links are not damaging to either party, and they’re great for bloggers, end users AND brands. Bloggers are not paid upfront for posts containing affiliate links.

How it works, I find a product or brand I love, insert a link with affiliate code into my blog (depending on my affiliates platform they should be an established client of mine), if someone clicks and purchases said product – I earn commission at no cost to the end-user.

How do you start using affiliate links?

Everything I did was self taught, so I am by no means an expert here, but I do understand analytics and data marketing very well, and affiliate comes hand in hand with that. To quickly explain, my old boss was setting up a new web company that required 5 affiliate links per day, which had to change every day. At the start there was nothing, but within a couple of weeks I have established relationships with around 100 or so brands – this was through emailing and telephone calls.

Who to use:

A really great starting point for me was Affiliate Window – these guys are the number ONE affiliate site in the UK and great if you want to do a ‘brand focus’ post with a ‘so XYZ are doing a 20% off everything day’ today go check it out. They’re dashboard is also great, as is their reporting functionality.

If you’re wanting to do purely product based stuff, you might be better suited to Skimlinks

Disclaimer: You will have to send them a nominal fee in order to ensure your bank details work – but you get it back. If you don’t send them your bank details, you don’t get paid – it’s really that simple.

I have also used Commission Junction, but I find that as a starting point, (and so you don’t get overwhelmed), Affiliate Window is where it’s at, in terms of global brands and getting used to how affiliates work from a business standpoint.

I don’t think there is any ‘method in the madness’ to this, but you have to work hard basically – it’s just as hard as the actual blogging side. If an extra 10 mins of admin means you can start progressing to blogging full time, then affiliate links are definitely for you!


  • Join Affiliate Window or Skimlinks.
  • Find Brands you love (Urban Outfitters affiliate manager has contacted me directly from AW)
  • Start affiliate linking.
  • EARN $$$$

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