Don’t just stay in hotels #1 – Oasis Collections

Welcome to a new series of blog posts, where I try and help you consider choosing accommodation that isn’t ‘just another hotel/hostel/B’n’B.

I think I have said before, how I completely LOVE booking flights (refresh your cache when you do, so you get better deals), but booking a place to stay I always find to be a total chore.

Maybe all you need is a bed, and that’s okay, but I bet if you’re like me, you also like to have a tiny bit of comfort or a lil’ bit of home from home, no matter where you stay.

Step in Oasis Collections.

Their website claims ‘to provide a fully curated experience for guests, offering the service & style of a boutique hotel with the comfort & privacy of a home. With a hand-selected collection of properties in top destinations, on-the-ground concierge support and unmatched perks and access, Oasis is simply a better way to stay’.

Well this sounds perfect. If you have seen any of my Unusual places to stay blogs, you’ll know I like a tiny bit of pampering (I can’t help it!).

The majority of their properties are in South America or Southern USA, they’re ideal for groups or a couple who are perhaps more into luxury backpacking and glamping.

A villa in Costa Rica caught my eye, and it would make an IDEAL intimate wedding reception venue. (No rowdy parties though, just a bit of champagne and happy chatter). I mean, must look at that view.

oasis collections costa rica

In love with this house!

This particular house also come with a jungle inside it (practically). I’m sold.

Oasis will totally tailor the experience to your liking and provide concierge services as if you were staying at a 5 star resort but without the hassle of hotel hopping. There’s no reception stresses to worry about or lengthy check in/out queues. It’s basically your house for the time you’re there and you’re thoroughly looked after by everyone.

I’m completely besotted with Costa Rica and it’s my #1 bucket list destination. I mean there is a rainforest outside of your window! Too incredible!

The challenge

I know you all love a challenge!

1. Visit

2. Select a city

3. In the comments below, link and tell me where you would stay (and why) if budget is no issue. (I just spent an hour browsing, so good luck!)


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