5 pre flight rituals

pre flight rituals

heading out to Norway for a few days, so excited!

I’m heading away on a trip tomorrow, on a real life aeroplane and all that! If you’re a new follower, you may not know that I’m heading out to Oslo, Norway for a few days.

I’ve never been before, so we are really excited.

I will be AWOL for a few days, so you may have to excuse that, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some of my pre-flight rituals with you guys, they might just come in handy one day.


Firstly, this is a short haul flight, so it’s not as testing on the skin as the flights I normally take, but I still moisturise like hell the day/night before, and try to avoid wearing make up where possible. (I will normally put a little concealer on just before landing, then sunglasses til’ I get to the hotel for check in).

Packing like a grown up

Now this is a short haul trip (ONLY HAND LUGGAGE ALLOWED). I will always, always make a little list of the items I need to pack, and have separate areas in my baggage for things like electrical items or travel documents.

I will also try and wear my heavier items, mostly because the air-con on planes can get super chilly, (I’m not incinuating that your wear ALL of your tshirts at once here).

Eat well

I do try and eat well at all times (everyone slips up, and that’s totally fine!), but the day before I’ll try and have a huge dinner with tons of veg,


Just as your face needs to hydrate, so does my body, I try and up my intake of water and decrease my intake of caffeine.

Get rested

Try and get at least eight hours sleep the night before, no matter what time the flight is (we have to leave for the airport at 6!).

Do you have any sensible pre-flight rituals, let me know in the comments below?

3 responses to “5 pre flight rituals

  1. I agree, I always try to save squeezing too much into my suitcase and wear my heaviest items when go on planes. Especially when we go skiing and have to waddle through the airport in full on ski gear… 🙂


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